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April 22, 2013

Episode 255: Olivier is Sooo Lonely…

So, the youngest Davenport sister got a hold of the recording equipment and made this week's episode. Why is she so mopey? Or is it just a trick? Listen and find out.

04.21.13 playlist:
  • Bruno Coulais, Hélène Breschand, Laurent Petitgirard - Alone
  • Andrew Bird - Tea and Thorazine
  • Aimee Mann - One
  • The Drowning Lovers - Lonely Room
  • Baby Dee - Safe Inside the Day
  • Pete Molinari - God Damn Lonesome Blues
  • Eli August & the Abandoned Buildings - Alone
  • Steam Powered Giraffe - I Am Not Alone
  • CAKE - End Of The Movie
  • Apocalypse Five and Dime - Lonely
  • Asylum Street Spankers - Sad Bomber
  • The Lost Fingers - Careless Whisper
  • Birdeatsbaby - Miserable
  • Amanda Palmer - Boyfriend in a Coma
  • Blair Crimmins and The Hookers - The Lonesome Truth
  • Megan Jean And The KFB - These Bones
  • Adam Ant - Desperate But Not Serious

    Hosted by Olivier Davenport
    Theme music by Kyle O'Door
    Produced by Agony Aunt Studios
    Logo: David Göbel
    Sponsor: Miss Muffet's Emporium of Curds, Whey & Devilish Devices 

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