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September 7, 2010

Episode 135: Labor Party

The sisters discuss how they spent the day, Mingan encourages listeners to support local music stores, Emmett discreetly puts forth the idea of her presidential candidacy. They also tell some stories, read a poem, and go off strange tangents... so, business as usual.

09.06.10 playlist:

  • Kate Bush - This Woman's Work
  • The Clockwork Quartet - Watchmaker's Apprentice
  • Tom Waits - What's He Building?
  • Kozai Resonance - A Love Song to Science Wonders
  • Dr. Steel - Lament for a Toy Factory
  • Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer - Hail the Chap
  • The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
  • The Smothers Brothers - The Saga of John Henry
  • Elton John - Bitter Fingers
  • Voltaire - The Industrial Revolution (& How It Ruined My Life)
  • CocoRosie - Terrible Angels
  • Mad Tea Party - Who Built the Ark?
  • Gogol Bordello - Underdog World Strike
  • Karen Elson - Mouths to Feed
  • The Decemberists - Chimbley Sweep
  • Sixteen Horsepower - Heel on the Shovel
  • Flogging Molly - Far Away Boys
  • Madness - The Liberty of Norton Folgate
  • Beats Antique - Roustabout
  • Reverend Glasseye - Mother is a Carpegian
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