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July 8, 2013

Episode 267: Don’t Do This, Don’t Do That

This week's episode is a testament to how I feel this week has gone. - Emmett P.S. Apparently, this episode was lost to the ages.

07.08.13 playlist:

  • Alan Cumming - I Don't Care Much
  • Rasputina - You Don't Own Me
  • Jolie Holland - Please Don't
  • Neko Case - Don't Forget Me
  • Over The Rhine - Don't Wait For Tom
  • Miss Li - Don't Try To Fool Me
  • Ingrid Lucia - Don't Go There
  • Squirrel Nut Zippers - Don't Fix It
  • The Secondhand Marching Band - Don't!
  • Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship - Don't Go
  • Hellblinki - Don't Go Down to the Woods Tonight
  • Vagabond Orchestra - Don't Fool Yourself
  • Asylum Street Spankers - I Don't Wanna
  • David Byrne - Don't Fence Me In
  • Tammy Grimes - Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
  • Barbra Streisand - Don't Rain on My Parade
  • Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky

Hosted by Emmett Davenport and Lady Attercop
Theme music by Kyle O'Door
Produced by Agony Aunt Studios
Logo: David Göbel

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