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April 29, 2013

Episode 256: We Win At Everything

Lady Attercop and Miss Davenport have been a bit nightmarish this week, sweeties. Having heard of their recent win at the annual Steampunk Symposium presented by Steampunk Chronicle, they have been demanding crowns, sashes and referring to me as their loyal subject. It's enough to make me drink... - Poppy, the clockwork asssistant

04.29.13 playlist:

  • The Magnetic Fields - A Pretty Girl Is Like ...  
  • Kate Bush - Babooshka
  • Rickie Lee Jones - I Won't Grow Up
  • The Younger Sister Band - Best Boyfriend
  • The Pogues - A Pair Of Brown Eyes
  • Hornswaggle - 'til Death Do Us Part
  • Django Reinhardt - Exactly Like You
  • Vera Lynn - Be Like The Kettle And Sing
  • Unextraordinary Gentlemen - Almost Imaginary
  • Hellblinki - Breaking Everything
  • This Way To The Egress - Chapel Hill
  • Frenchy And The Punk - Make It Happen
  • The Puppini Sisters - Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friends
  • Tape Five - Birds Like It (feat. Iain Mackenzie)
  • Abney Park - Until The Day I Die
  • Tubeway Army - Are "Friends" Electric?
  • The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing - Brunel

Hosted by Emmett Davenport and Lady Attercop
Theme music by Kyle O'Door
Produced by Agony Aunt Studios
Logo: David Göbel
Sponsor: Silas Boncombe's Hat Cement

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