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May 8, 2012

Episode 221: Springtime Malaise

The sisters once again cannot bring themselves to come in doors due to the pleasant weather, but they didn't want to leave their listeners hanging without anything new to listen to... so this lovely episode was made. 

05.08.12 playlist: 
The Clash - The English Civil War
T-Rex - Dandy in the Underworld
The Damned - In Dulce Decorum
The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing - Mutiny in the Common Soldiery
The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldier
The Decemberists - 16 Military Wives 
Air Raid Warning Siren 
Advert: Lord Evan's Drop Bear Cannon 
Curtis Eller - The Curse of Cain
Amanda Palmer - Runs in the Family
Lemming Malloy - Brother Rabbit
Rasputina - Sweet Sister Temperance
DeVotchka - 100 Other Lovers
Django Reinhardt - I'n Confessin' (That I Love You) 
The Magnetic Fields - (Crazy for you) But Not That Crazy
Gotye - State of the Act 
The Cog Is Dead - Mechanical Menagerie
Tom Waits - What's He Building?

Logo: David Göbel,
Produced by the Clockwork Cabaret. Hosted by Emmett & Mingan Davenport. 
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