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Hello sweeties! We want to wish you all best wishes and a happy new year! - Poppy, the clockwork assistant  

12.29.17 playlist:  

Rufus Wainwright - Oh What A World



Have a happy Hogswatch, everyone! - From all of us here on the Calpurnia.

  12.22.17 playlist:

Baby Dee - A Christmas Jig for a Three-Legged Cat

Annie Lennox - The Holly A...


Greetings friends and family! We apologize for the slight delay in this week's episode. For those playing the home game... This year we, here, aboard the Calpurnia have endured d...


Hello sweeties! This week's episode is Emmett's cheap attempt at a birthday gift for her long-time beau, Rupert Wormwood. He should dump her. - Poppy, the clockwork assistant  



Hello sweeties! The ladies are off on some sort of retreat to help Emmett find her personality or something. I wasn't really paying attention. I'm sure they'll be just fine. - Pop...