The Clockwork Cabaret is the premier steampunk music podcast to ride the windy wilds of the aethernet. Spontaneous, silly, & ever expanding, our goal is to pump coal-heated music o’ gears directly into your copper-plated steampunk’d ears.


Join us as Emmett sneaks onto the air a few hours early while Klaude is in the dinghy, Time Out, doing who knows what. And, it looks like it was a good thing we did, as CLANNG interrupts our broadcast, and kills our podcast transmitting device.

06.24.08 Playlist: *Emmett takes over the Present Day Composer*

  • Leonard Cohen - First We Take Manhattan
  • Harlequin Jones - Gutter Tango
  • Cranes - Everywhere
  • Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - No More Shall We Part
  • T-Bone Burnett - Zombieland
  • Humanwine - Script Language
  • Tatiana Troyanos - Bizet: Habanera (L'amour est un oiseau rebelle)
  • The Hellblinki Sextet - Tango
  • Passions - I'm in Love with a German Film Star
  • The Pretenders - Brass in Pocket
  • Morphine - Mary, Won't You Call My Name?
  • Neko Case - Hold On, Hold On
  • The Smiths - This Charming Man
  • Combustible Edison - Spy Vs Spy
  • Tom Waits - What's He Building?
  • Dr. Steel - Planet X Marks the Spot
  • Beat Circus - Delirium Tremens
  • Beirut - A Sunday Smile
  • The Clumsy Lovers - Monumental Stupidity
  • Rickie Lee Jones & Dr. John - Makin' Whoopee
  • Leon Redbone - Are You Lonesome Tonight?
  • Peggy Lee - Why Don't You Do Right?
  • Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs - Devil Do
  • Blue October - Into the Ocean
  • Bonzo Dog Band - Hunting Tigers Out in India
  • The Gourds - The Gyroscopic
  • Billy Bragg - A New England
  • Siouxsie & the Banshees - Trust in Me
  • Diamanda Galas - My World is Empty Without You
  • Iain Bellamy - Close to You
  • Future Bible Heroes - Bathysphere
  • LA Caution - The ala Menthe
  • Mr. B, Gentleman Rhymer - Let Me Smoke My Pipe
  • Modest Mouse - March Into the Sea
  • Mad Tea Party - I'm An Old Cow Hand
  • Bombadil - Buzz a Buzz
  • Tom Waits - The Piano Has Been Driving
  • Screaming Banshee Aircrew - My Lovelies
  • Man Man - Skin Tension
  • The Decemberists - 16 Military Wives
  • The Magnetic Fields - My Sentimental Melody
  • Einsturzende Neubauten - Halber Mensch
  • Rufus Wainwright - Oh, What a World
  • Nouvelle Vague - The Killing Moon
  • Vernian Process - LV 42B
  • Rasputina - My Captivity By Savages
Logo: David Göbel,
Produced by the Clockwork Cabaret. Hosted by Emmett & Klaude Davenport. 
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Recently returned from China, Victoria Everglott, visits the Calpurnia and regales us with stories of her adventure abroad - escape from the Chinese Police, exotic drinks with pit vipers, and much more. Alas, the sisters met with technical difficulties, and lost the recording of this episode, which is a shame, as it was very humorous. However, we do have the list of what was played on the show. 

06.17.08 Playlist: 
Tom Waits - Metropolitan Glide 
Life Towards Twilight - The Evil in Frankenstein's Mind Creates a Monster 
Cinema Strange - Time 
Bonzo Dog Band - Ali Baba's Camel (Early Version) 
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - There is a Town 
The Puppini Sisters - Lenore (Live) 
Peggy Hsu - Finding Neverland 
Jay Munly - Spill the Wine 
Pink Martini - Que Sera Sera 
The Decemberists - As I Rise 
Harlequin Jones - Hope You're Rotting 
Gavin Friday & the Man Seezer - The Next Thing to Murder 
Queen Sea, Big Shark - Love is Pop 
Maxwell/Mosher - Pop's Jump 
The Little Willies - I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive 
Rasputina - Oh Injury 
Vernian Process - The Alchemist's Vision 
The Damned - Lovely Money 
The Scarring Party - Everything I Touched Caught Fire 
The Bolshoi - Amsterdam 
Fear of Dolls - She Was Laughing 
Johnny Cash - We'll Meet Again

Guest: Victoria Everglott
Logo: David Göbel,
Produced by the Clockwork Cabaret. Hosted by Emmett & Klaude Davenport. 
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On tonight's show, we celebrate Klaude's birthday! Much silliness occurs as we dedicate the show to the youngest of the Davenport sisters.

06.10.08 Playlist:

  • 2 Man Gentleman Band - Let's Make A Sandwich
  • The TigerLillies - Kick A Baby
  • Hackensaw Boys - Blue Eyed Girl
  • Nouvelle Vague - Sweet & Tender Hooligan
  • Tom Waits - Big in Japan
  • Circus Contraption - Marshmallows & a Holy Bible
  • Jo Gabriel - How the Devil Falls in Love
  • Matt Milne - 13 Variations on the Flight of a Bumblebee
  • Man Man - Spider Cider
  • The Zydepunks - Zydeco Cha Cha
  • Cinema Strange - Time
  • Moxy Fruvous - My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors
  • Rasputina - Antique High-Heeled Red Doll Shoes
  • Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me with Science
  • Unextraordinary Gentlemen - Open Arms, Empty Air (Vernian Process'd)
  • Tom Waits - I Don't Wanna Grow Up
  • Einsturzende Neubauten - Stella Maris
  • DeVotchKa - Venus in Furs
  • Flogging Molly - Sentimental Johnny
  • Asylum Street Spankers - Dance This Mess Around
  • New Model Army - I Love This World
  • The Soil Bleeds Black - Shout
  • The Decemberists - Mariner's Revenge Song
  • The Slow Poisoners - Todo Es Mal
Logo: David Göbel,
Produced by the Clockwork Cabaret. Hosted by Emmett & Klaude Davenport. 
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The sisters are excited about upcoming events and recent escapades. Emmett has brewed a big pot of coffee for herself and a pot of tea for Klaude. So, sit back and listen in on the show.

06.03.08 Playlist:

  • The Decemberists - Shanty for Arathusa
  • Beirut - A Sunday Smile
  • Captain Beefheart - Smithsonian Institute Blues
  • Sterilize Stereo - Annie Magee
  • Rasputina - Things I'm Gonna Do
  • Bonzo Dog Doodah Band - Hunting Tigers Out in India
  • Cocteau Twins - Pearly Dew Drops Drops
  • Crash Test Dummies - Afternoons & Coffeespoons
  • Vernian Process - Empire Lost
  • Curse - Like a Glass of Wine
  • Yann Tiersen - Le Jours Tristes (instrumental)
  • Craig Ventresco - Scalding Hot Coffee Rag
  • Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire - Eugene
  • Great Big Sea - Drunken Sailor
  • Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - People Ain't No Good
  • Sarah Vaughn - Black Coffee
  • Hackensaw Boys - Lookout Dog, Slow Down Train
  • The Puppini Sisters - Java Jive
  • Danbert Nobacon & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts - 3 Barrels Full
  • Tom Waits - Warm Beer, Cold Women
  • Maxwell/Mosher - The Kraken
  • Mad Tea Party - Pagan Lovesong
  • Beat Circus - The Gem Saloon
  • Shivaree - The Fat Lady of Limbourg
  • Lars Hollmer - Viendra
  • Clara Rockmore - La Vie En Rose
Logo: David Göbel,
Produced by the Clockwork Cabaret. Hosted by Emmett & Klaude Davenport. 
More Info:, and follow @clockwrkcabaret on Twitter or Facebook.
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