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The Clockwork Cabaret is the premier steampunk music podcast to ride the windy wilds of the aethernet. Spontaneous, silly, & ever expanding, our goal is to pump coal-heated music o’ gears directly into your copper-plated steampunk’d ears.

January 5, 2009

Episode 50: Klaude’s Back, Shove That In Your Gearholes, Steampunks!

Klaude is triumphantly back from her adventures in failed concerts and in between ramblings the sisters decide steampunks need some punchy insults for one another. So put this in your bubble pipe, Sherlock!

Next week's program: "We Successfully Judged That Book By It's Cover!" Albums, bands and songs we judged to be steampunk purely from their name and album art.

01.05.09 Playlist:

Slow Poisoner - Come to Me

Tom Waits - Heart Attack and Vine

The Last Town Chorus - Modern Love

Gogol Bordello - Sacred Darling

Beat Circus - The Rough Riders

Legendary Shack Shakers - Where's the Devil When You Need Him

Gavin Friday - Baltimore Whores

Stranglers - Golden Brown

They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse in your Soul

Lemming Malloy - Don't Act Like Prey*

The White Stripes - Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn

Neko Case - Deep Red Bells

Big Country - Cracked Actor

Split Lip Rayfield - Aces High

Luminescent Orchestrii - Tea

Man Man - The Ballad of Butterbeans

The Damned - Anything

Bellowhead - Sloe Gin*

Miles Mosely - Scuse Me Big Momma

Asylum Street Spankers - Digga Digga Do

Flogging Molly - Sentimental Johnny

The Clash - The English Civil War

* denotes request of either song or band

Logo: David Göbel, bulletride.de
Produced by the Clockwork Cabaret. Hosted by Emmett & Klaude Davenport. 
More Info: clockworkcabaret.com, and follow @clockwrkcabaret on Twitter or Facebook.

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